Leap of Faith


Kimono, Top, Shorts | Urban Outfitters Belt, Sunglasses| Madewell

Life is a bit scary at times. You want to take chances, but at the same time not sure if you should risk it. Well, to be honest I was a bit nervous about starting this blog up. I’ve had this idea for so long and the thought of actually starting it scared me to death. I finally realized that I needed to just take the leap of faith.

I took the leap of faith as well with this trend. I’m not normally a very boho style girl and kimonos are just so light and airy that they are kind of forced into that style. I decided to give it a chance though, and I’m glad I did. They are surprising very versatile and perfect for the summer. They are light enough to not over heat you, but cover your body to keep you warmer during the cool nights. I decided to take an approach that was similar to high-low dresses. Wearing the high-waisted, jean, shorts executed this effect with the long kimono. Plus they add just enough coolness to your outfit without over doing it. Take your chances and try them out!


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