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Crop Top, Jogger Sweats|Urban Outfitters Plaid Shirt|Super Bad Shirt House Shoes|Chucks Purse|Coach Shades|Ray Bans

Sorry for the lack of postings the past two weeks. I have been doing some traveling from school, to Cedar Point, to Chicago. For those who know me, Chicago is my favorite place in the world. My mom and I decided to take a last minute trip to, of course shop! I’m going to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this fall semester and I needed some layering pieces that could go from late summer to winter. It was a super successful trip and look out for my upcoming posts that are featuring some of my new wardrobe pieces.

For walking around Chicago shopping, you definitely need to be comfy. Since I was in my favorite place, I decided to wear some of my favorite things. When I get ready, I like to pair things that you normally wouldn’t think go together. I mean, because that’s what makes an outfit interesting right? So these jogger pants from Urban Outfitters are by far one of my favorites. It is a hot trend for the fall so you should all stock up now. Also, everyone must own a pair of white chucks. I personally like the high tops, because they are more retro. Either way though they are the most versatile shoes I own. Lastly, no outfit is complete without shades. These Ray Bans always make all my outfits look 10 times cooler. These are just a few of my favorite things; Go pair your favorite things together! I want to see what you come up with.



7 thoughts on “Chic-ago

  1. missjaybe

    Hey! great post, love the look! I’m Jodie and I’m very interested in fashion and style ❤ I think you would like my posts, I would really love a follow back! Thanks! xx



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