Husks, Mills, and Lugs Oh My!

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Dress, Jacket, Shoes|Topshop  Necklace|J.Crew  Shades|Karen Walker

In life you need to do some spontaneous things. On our way back from Chicago, my mom and I decided to stop at the halfway point between Kentucky and Chicago. There are these huge windmills and miles of cornfields. I will give props to her because she thought of the idea, but it turned out to be the perfect location to showcase my new trend obbsession, LUG SOLE SHOES. 

I didn’t know entirely what they were at first, but I was reading People StyleWatch  just before I left for Chicago and saw them. When I got to Chicago, they were everywhere! Kinda like Michael Kors purses. HA. Anyways, they are basically, the perfect transition from tennis shoes to heels. They are obviously heeled, but the sole resemles a boot or a tennis shoe, which makes them extremely comfortable. They are extremely versatile as well, because you can dress them up or dress them down. People, you seriously need to get on this bandwagon pronto!

6 thoughts on “Husks, Mills, and Lugs Oh My!

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