Wrong in All the Right Ways

IMG_3197IMG_3270IMG_3432IMG_3301Sweatshirt, Shoes|Topshop Shorts|Urban Outfitters Shades|Ray Bans Jewelry|Forever21 Lipstick|Mac Violetta

Pink says it best in her song Raise Your Glass, which happens to still be my ring tone after 4 years. This is basically my interpretation of the pump of jam for weird fellas, but via fashion.

This top is slightly obnoxious, full of gorillas, cheetahs, lions, and of course pineapples. Clearly not the underdogs, but oh well. The fact this came from the men’s department, is also a bit off the wall. Since it’s neon pink and full of mismatched things, one must wear pearls with this. It’s a given. Throw it all together with some pink lugs, green mirrored shades, and some purple lipstick and you got yourself the perfect “Raise Your Glass Outfit”. Embrace your weirdness, because believe it or not, we are all weird guys.

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