A Midsummer Night’s Dream

IMG_3510IMG_3457 IMG_3569 IMG_3600IMG_3657

Shorts|Forever 21 Top|UrbanOutfitters (similar)  Jean Shirt|Madewell Shoes|Birkenstock Necklace|J.Crew Earrings|Bauble Bar (similar) Shades|Anthropologie Lipstick|Mac Impassioned

Not going to lie, the only thing I got out of Shakespeare’s books besides not so hot grades on tests in high school, was that he was a very conflicted man. To me he clearly represented this in his books. With that, I decided to make him my muse for this look.

It was a rather cool night, so I felt the most appropriate way to dress was to layer. Layering makes an outfit look so much more interesting. It’s like an accessory of it’s own. To further elaborate on Shakespeare’s bizarre self, I put together three different prints that you normally would never see together. To pull everything as a unit, I wore my berry Birkenstocks, which is another abnormality. Berry is not a usual color seen in Birkenstocks. Finally to not overdo everything, I executed the look with white jewelry, which is so chic for the summer. In conclusion, I bid you a beloveth day.


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