Modern Vintage

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Dress|(Local store) Tank|Forever21 (similar) Necklace|J.Crew (similar) Shades|Anthropologie (similar)  Shoes|Bed Stu  Lipstick|NYX Matte Aria

The Island of St. John was full of culture. In the fashion world, I think of it as vintage. Most of the island is a national park. There are a lot of wild animals roaming around; in particular, donkeys. Yes you heard me correctly. One night on our way to dinner, we saw a heard of donkeys running alongside the rode like they were on their way to dinner too! It was the strangest thing. Our waiter told us to make a game out of it. If we spotted anymore, we needed to smack them on the “ass”. I know you’re all thinking that they aren’t the friendliest of animals. That’s exactly what we said. He continued to say that “You’re all good, you’re in a car”. Our waiter was amusing, but a bit on the strange side.

While I was there, I wanted to get something that showed culture, something that would be one of a kind. So needless to say, when I saw this maxi dress I was sold! I suited our trip so perfectly. Since it’s August already as well, I thought I would infuse some rich autumn colors to off set the look. To stay on trend, dark, berry shades of lipstick of huge for the fall. Well really any dark shades are on trend. Since the weather is getting cooler, so should our lipstick. Maxis are the perfect trend to transform summer looks into fall looks. They cover more of your body, while still making a statement. Throw a jacket or a jean shirt and you are set! Now you have the modern with the vintage.

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