Oh My Goth

IMG_3706 IMG_3867 IMG_3845 IMG_3891 IMG_3873 IMG_3913IMG_3821IMG_3855

Top|Topshop (similar) Skirt & Hat|Altar’d State (similar) Shoes|Birkenstocks Pearl Bracelet|Forever21 Studded Bracelet|Nordstrom (similar) LipstickLaura Geller’s Love Me Dew Lip Crayons Cranberry Glaze

Okay, so this is the perfect example of a coming in clutch moment. I had worked all day and came back home just before the sun had started going down. I quickly threw an outfit together and my mom and I ran out the door. When we got to the location, the sun was already majorly setting. We thought that we were going to have to shoot the next day, because of the light. We decided to follow through though, and this Rachel Zoe moment turned slightly goth. To be honest, I think the goth ambiance is what makes the look interesting. If shooting in a cemetery isn’t bizarre enough, I don’t know what is! Coming in clutch is about working with what you got, even if it’s not what you intended and producing something unique.

Rachel Zoe was the first style icon to get me interested in fashion. Her presentation is impeccable and her defining style is a one of a kind, luxury, boho. Although, my style isn’t exactly boho, she got me to think outside the box. What inspires me the most is her hard work and dedication. She’s definitely a work-a-holic that got what she earned. She recently came out with a new book Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour  that everyone should have as their fashion bible.

This is definitely a trending look for the fall. A maxi skirt, a felt hat, and Birkenstocks are all essentials to your 2014 fall wardrobe. If you do not have, make them first on your list to get! To make the look a little more offbeat, I paired the skirt with a tiger, muscle tee that adds an element of edge to the soft look. A mix of hard and soft is definitely the perfect way to renovate your summer pieces into fall.


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