Clash of the Patterns

IMG_5167 IMG_5181 IMG_5202 IMG_5228 IMG_5200 IMG_5168IMG_5234IMG_5211Top|Zara UK Dress|Topshop (similar) Shoes|Steve Madden (similar) Bracelets|J.Crew (similar) Lipstick|M.A.C. Violetta

I was trying to infuse as much of the Florence, Italy culture as I could into this outfit. To start off, I stumbled upon this asymmetrical, graphic top while exploring the city. It was a must have statement piece that I could transform to wear in multiple seasons. Art, fashion, and architecture are huge here in Firenze. I fell in love with this top, because to me in portrays everything that Florence is. The bodice parallels the liveliness with the bright colors and the print. The bottom really emphasizes the art and the architecture aspect of the city. Its versatility shows that there’s an endless supply of places to explore. I originally would have never of thought to pair it with this skater, polka dot dress, but I was wearing it at the time and was too lazy to take it off… I think the clash of the patterns worked to my advantage, though. Don’t be scared to use multiple prints!

Another Italian custom I discovered is that they don’t wear shorts. I mean here and there they do, but it’s not as common as it is in the states. This is another reason why I opted for the dress. Also, another huge trend is the mirrored shades. I was already in love with this as you can probably tell in my previous posts. Sorry not sorry. As for their lifestyle, everyone either walks or drives a Vespa, which are the scooters that I snagged a couple shots with. Shhhhh. Thought it was appropriate to shoot in the streets for this matter and I wanted to continue the urban ambiance with the graffiti in the background.

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