Feelin the Love with Lover.ly

I decided to switch things up on you today. How many of you sit on Pinterest and browse through the wedding sections, dreaming of your perfect day? Well, I’m pretty sure I found the best place to occupy your addiction. Lover.ly has got me stuck on their site for hours styling different wedding scenarios. Whether you want a city glam ceremony, a beachside nuptial, or a rustic soirée they got you, girl! With that, I decided to style my own dream day!

When I first got the invitation to style my own, I had just visited Tuscany, Italy. Immediately I was inspired and went for a vintage, quirky, fall wedding. I’m from a more country-esque area, so I was definitely feeling the rustic element. This makes the atmosphere more homey and inviting, with all the rich colors.

RusticChicIMG_5663IMG_5642IMG_5643IMG_5652IMG_5645Polyvore Styling Template copy

From the wide variety of wedding dresses lover.ly has to offer, the lace embellished dress works perfectly with the scenery. Accessorizing with gold jewels is the way to go and no outfit is complete without a clutch! See what I did there? Nothing says your happy like a pair of bright, golden heels to peep through your train. Add some flowers to your braided hair as a twist on the traditional veil. As for the makeup, it should only enhance your natural beauty. Don’t want to look cakey in those pictures now, do we? Throw on some rosey, pink lipstick, a peachy nail polish, and spritz on Daisy by Marc Jacobs and you’ll be glowing from head to toe!

Rustic Vineyard Inspiration Board

Okay, I went a little overboard… I’m telling you Lover.ly gets you hooked! I put together an inspiration board to show rest of the elements to this rustic vineyard wedding. The more creative your ideas get, the better. Something about an outside wedding under the sun just makes me happy. Add different elements that make it personal, such as the pictures on the tree, the keys as place cards, or the vintage luggage to serve as a platform to hold all your gifts. At night, light some sparklers off to illuminate the sky and end your day on a magical note.

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