Under the Tuscan Sun

IMG_5519 IMG_5524IMG_5527 IMG_5536 IMG_5528 IMG_5539 IMG_5547

Plaid Shirt|Super Bad Shirt (similar) Striped T-Shirt|Topshop (similar)  Shorts|Old Navy (similar) Shoes|Converse Jewelry|J.Crew (similar) Shades|Ray Bans Purse|Lucky Brand Lipstick|Laura Geller’s Love Me Dew- Cranberry Glaze

Tuscany was the next stop on this semester abroad I like to call an extremely long vacation. I was going for a more monochromatic feel to match the golden Tuscan sun. It’s surprising how versatile the color gold is. I have worn these shorts with so much and you would think they would be incredibly hard to go with. WRONG! This golden yellow is definitely one of my go to colors for this fall. Accidentally, I kept the theme of lines going as well. Putting different types of the same prints together can be a little daunting, but if you don’t go overboard it can make your outfit look way more interesting. A huge trend in Florence that I discovered is the love of white, high-top converse. They literally go with everything and add a sporty element to your look. If you wear them long enough like I have, they can even add some character. At least that’s what I tell people when they ask why they aren’t white anymore…

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