Parisian Vintage

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Shades and Beatle Boots| Paris Vintage Shop Dress|GB at Nordstrom (similar) Denim Shirt| Madewell (similar with sleeves) Necklaces| J.Crew (similar) Lipstick| M.A.C. Rebel

Some days you just have to have an outfit that focuses on the accessories. When this happens, layering is a must. I take that back, layering is always a must. It just adds an interesting element to your outfit and it makes it ten times easier to not wear the same outfit.

Anyways, when in Paris you must buy something vintage, right? I mean, when in a foreign country, it’s only reasonable to buy something that nobody else has. Makes your find that much more special and original. Mirrored John Lennon shades are huge in Florence. Needless to say when I found these, I was sold. I’m telling you, I have a habit of buying mirrored shades. I also found these maroon Beatle boots that are absolutely perfect for the fall. In this case, you can “buy me love”. Sorry not sorry for the accidental Beatle theme going on. This shade was just too perfect for the fall to pass up. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to see this color reoccurring in my posts; I’m obsessed.

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