Into the Woods

IMG_1207 IMG_1149 IMG_1059 IMG_1230 IMG_1087 IMG_1076 IMG_1348It’s a new year full of new trends just waiting for us to test them out. I think it’s about time to pump up our lives. I mean that quiet literally, actually. Heading into 2015, you are going to need some key layering “amour” to help tackle your daily wardrobe shenanigans. You might even need a second hand to help assist and further push new trends out in the open. There’s power in numbers. Puffer, down jackets are the perfect way to go. They are super versatile, extremely thin and light, and come in many different styles and colors. For example, I went the jacket route in a maroon color, while my traveling soulmate Jenna decided to turn off onto the vest side street in a deep plum color. It’s basically a win/win situation.

Another newcomer to 2015 is the movie Into The Woods, which is based off of the broadway musical. Through his creative lyrics, Stephen Sondheim interprets the woods as a daunting place, but full of thrill and the unexpected. “You’ve changed. You’re daring. You’re different in the woods.” It’s a new year and time for a new and more stylish you. It’s definitely more fun discovering new places and trends with someone, though. “It takes two. I thought one was enough, It’s not true.” It takes two to wander and explore the unknown. The woods are full of adventure and we decided to try them out for ourselves. Furthermore, don’t be scared to face new trends head on! You’ll never know what you’ll find in the woods, unless you go explore them.

Special thanks to Jenna Lyberger for stealing the spotlight and putting up with my weirdness during the shoot. The post wouldn’t be the same without you. Also, Is it just me or does anyone else think she should model? XOXO

Puffer Jackets (similar): Eddie BauerExpress REIDick’s Sporting Goods 

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