Consider the Hat


IMG_0316IMG_0206IMG_0298IMG_0149IMG_0378IMG_0155IMG_0318IMG_0168IMG_0116It’s Friday, so naturally everyone takes this day to reminisce on their past adventures. This is also known as #FlashbackFriday, but you already knew that. Last semester I got the chance of a lifetime to study abroad in Europe. I highly suggest anyone who has even the slightest chance to be able to study abroad to do it! You learn so much without even realizing and you get to experience places that you read in your textbooks. You decide, which sounds more fun? This semester I’m back at school, but another group of students are over there having the time of their lives. I wish them safe and happy travels and hope it’s a semester they will never forget. Enjoy every second of it.

While I was over there, I found one accessory to be extremely useful. Almost of more use then when I’m home in the states, almost.  Since we were constantly on the move and wanted to sleep whenever we weren’t exploring, my hair did not get the attention that it deserved if you know what I mean… As a substitute, I just threw on hats! They covered my head of hair that was not up to par, while still looking cute. Plus, a pop of color adds a fun flare to your outfit. You’re killing two birds with one stone! In other words, hats rule, especially in foreign countries. Although, I’m sorry to say we’ll never be royals…

Hat| Armani Outlet (Europe) Fur Vest| Topshop (similar) Denim Shirt| Madewell Plaid Shirt| Super Bad Shirt (similar)  Pants| American Eagle Outfitters Boots| Steve Madden (similar) Lipstick| Laura Geller’s Love Me Dew- Cranberry Glaze

2 thoughts on “Consider the Hat

    1. cominginclutch Post author

      Oh my gosh! Are you going to Kent?! Thank you so much though, I really appreciate that. I just checked out your blog, and how cute are you! I love it! The title is genius. Also, you’re haircut is adorable by the way. Have a delightful week, girl!



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