Chill or Be Chilled.


The “Blizzard of 2015” is the latest buzz in the world and since it hit so hard in New York, it’s been on my newsfeed non-stop with the amount of fashion influencers I follow. Let’s be honest though, it’s even keeping up on trends, since the X-Games are going on. Never fear though, I have the solution to all your flurry problems! Since you will most likely be stuck inside, you can use this time to do some fashion research. Yes, I’m giving you homework! The reason I say this is because I accidentally stumbled across my new favorite designer Massimo Giorgetti by researching for a paper. As a former DJ, he uses music as his main source of inspiration, which is where MSGM was born. Does it vaguely remind you of the band MGMT? Hopefully it should. Music provided him with energy and a good source of positive vibes that allowed his fears to melt away. So basically he is my designer soul mate…

MSGM is a trend setting brand that focuses on bright colors, graphics, and street style. So start a new trend and and instead of trying to stand out, adapt to your surroundings. Since, there is a blizzard, adapt to the colder climate. Wear a oversized, sporty crew neck with a beanie. I even went as far as adapting the same colors as well, which oddly enough stands out, but in a more unique way. Since it’s a sporty look, it doesn’t need anything more then a pop of color on your lips, because the cold already gives you some legit blush. Be innovative and creative! That’s how Massimo Giorgetti established himself, so why can’t you?

Crew Neck| MSGM Pants| North Face Beanie| Zara Sunglasses| Ray Ban Goggles| Oakley (similar) Lipstick| Laura Geller’s Love Me Dew- Watermelon Cooler

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