What Team Are You On?

Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 1 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 2 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 3 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 4 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 5 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 6 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 7 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 8 Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 9

It’s finally game day people! Time to pretend we actually know what’s going on… just kidding, maybe. Anyways, I’m sure you can see I’m slightly conflicted on which sports brand to wear. Between Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Burton I couldn’t decide! Go big or go home! Of course, no outfit is complete without my man, Massimo Giorgetti aka MSGM. He’s the real champion.

A huge trend that is perfect for the winter are monochromatic looks. For those who have not the slightest idea of what that means, it’s one color in different tints and shades. In this case I went green the color of the turf, as more of a neutral Switzerland. Personally I don’t care which team wins, so I’m rooting for them both! Again, I’m being very indecisive. Doesn’t mean you have to be! When you are trying to figure out what to wear today and don’t have any of your team’s spirit-wear, go for the monochromatic look! You’ll be the MVP forsure. Alright people, so what team are you rooting for this year, Patriots  or the Seahawks?


Super Bowl Style (MSGM) 10

I would also like to thank my brother for being such a lovely hand model and for throwing the football that I couldn’t catch. You rock.

Crewneck|MSGN (similar) Pants|Nike Socks|Reebok Shoes|Adidas (similar) Hat|Burton Sunglasses|Westward Leaning Gloves|Charming Charlie’s (similar) Lipstick|Kat Von D Wonderchilde

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