March Madness

March Madness March Madness March Madness

Yes I know it just turned April, but that’s part of the madness! Plus, the final four teams for March Madness play tomorrow. I know how excited you all are be about this… NOT? Anyway, as the weather continues to confuse us, why not use this to our advantage? Play Alice in Wonderland for a little bit! Attend a tea-party hosted by the March Hare and the Mad Hatter! I mean, Easter is basically here. Day dream with your cat in a meadow of flowers. Just kidding, it’s probably snowing somewhere. Follow a white rabbit down a burrow that magically becomes a strange sort of wonderland. Although, getting stuck in the snow and being towed out by a random, helpful stranger works too. I mean that’s what we did… Thanks Joe! Before we go all bonkers though, we need a wing man to help blend out the madness.

March Madness March Madness March Madness

To help diffuse the craziness a bit, pastels are the perfect solution. The light, airy colors allow for a clean slate from the winter. They provide a connection with nature to help us relax and unwind from our crazy lives. Spring’s Pantone color report includes cool tones with a mix of subtle warm tones for a softer, minimalistic vibe. Pastels portray a fairytale-esqe environment, which allows us to dream of the simple life we wish we had. Mints, light blues, cremes, nudes and soft grays are on point with pops of hushed pinks. Following the Pantone seasonal colors is the easiest way to always stay on trend.

March Madness March Madness March Madness March Madness

What I’m trying to say is that life can get crazy sometimes, but it’s what makes life interesting. Your outfits should follow suit. Sometimes you need an opposing force to stop it from going into the costume world. Layer sweaters overtop of flowing tunics. Accessorize with furry earmuffs, animal pins, and your grandpa’s coat that’s three sizes too big. Spontaneous decisions are proven to be the most unique. Always have a element to balance out your outfit, though. Use the pastels as your base. They are the canvas to your masterpiece. Remember to be adventurous with your style and go bonkers! All of the best styles are mad anyways.

Sweater|Anthropologie Tunic (similar)Free People Jeans|American Eagle Boots|All Saints Ear Muffs (similar) and Frog Pin (similar)|Nordstrom Sunnies (similar)|Persol Bracelets|J.Crew Lipstick|Bobbi Brown in Electric Violet


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