Opening Day

Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening DayReds Opening Day Reds Opening Day Reds Opening Day

Today at 4:10pm (Eastern time), the official season for the Cincinnati Reds kicks off as they take on the Pittsburg Pirates! You can probably tell I’m a little bit excited for this… Baseball is our family’s sport and was even an inspiration for my blog name. Going to baseball games are the highlight of my summer. The smell of peanuts and hot dogs, the atmosphere of crazy fans, and being able to watch a sport that I love just leaves me in a great mood. I mean, who would turn down watching a bunch of athletic men in baseball pants?

Another favorite of mine is dressing for the games. Trying to stand out in a sea of red can be a bit challenging, though. You see the same shirts a million times, but how can you make yours different? Your answer: a DIY peplum shirt! It’s super easy, and if you have a brother like I do, you’re already a step in the right direction. Start off with a baggy, long-sleeve, raglan shirt. Try looking at Old Navy or Gap for some cheaper options. Men’s shirts will add a more authentic feel, so maybe meander over to the men’s side. Then take one of your spirit wear shirts and layer it over top. If it’s a little too big, no problem. It will add to your peplum and ultimately work out much better. For the finishing touch, tie a knot on the side of your t-shirt and play ball! It’s super simple and adds a flare to your spirit wear. Guarantee you’ll be the winning catch at the game.

Reds Spirit Wear|Reds Team Shop Pants|Topshop Shoes|Converse Purse|Deux Lux at Saks Off 5th  Lipstick|Laura Geller’s Love Me Dew Lip Crayon in Honey Fizz

*If you’re a baseball fanatic like myself, here’s the schedule for all the games playing today!

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