Go With The Flow

Go With The FlowGo With The FlowGo With The Flow

Something about the beautiful weather and gives off magical powers. The mellow vibe from everyone makes life so much more relaxing. It’s a time to regroup from a stressful year of school and gather your thoughts. Sometimes, it’s even nice to not have thoughts at all and to just go with the flow. My motto in life is “You plan, you get there, all hell breaks loose”. Harry Potter knows what he’s talking about! It’s hard to plan everything and the summer is the perfect time to just relax and let life take its course.

Go With The Flow Go With The Flow Go With The Flow

This goes for your styling as well. Try the aspect of “winging it” and see what happens. My favorite way to do this is to DIY my own skirts. Sewing is not an option for me, so I had to cheat the system. The key is to style with what you have! Everyone has millions of dresses, because of how easy they are to coordinate. The secret is just to layer over your dresses! Mind blown, am I right? So simple and your wardrobe just got instantly larger. If you have conflicting styles like myself, try combining them as well! I created a mash-up of boho and alternative/punk. Both personas embody the “go with the flow” and “do your own thing” lifestyles, which worked to my advantage.

Go With The Flow Go With The Flow Go With The Flow

It’s the beginning of a new season, so try something new. Turn your dresses into skirts. The act of winging it has come in clutch in so many ways. Relax this summer and in the words of Jo Dee Messina “Bend when the wind blows”. Start a mellow lifestyle and step your toes in with your styling. Use what you already have, so you can spend your money on concert tickets instead. Roll with the punches, because that’s the way it goes.

Skirt (aka dress) & Top|Urban Outfitters Shoes|Sam Edelman (similar) Bracelet|Dannijo Earrings|Thalia Sodi Shades|Ray Bans Lipstick|Kat Von D in Wonderchilde

Music Inspiration: Jo Dee Messina- That’s The Way

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