She’s the Man

Sometimes in life you just need options. I take that back… you always need options. Especially in the summer, when you change your outfit twenty times throughout the day. Everyone has that favorite summer piece that they can’t wait to get out of their closet. Mine just happens to be this “One of the boys” crop top. Since, I only get to wear it in the summer, I thought I’d get some more use out of it. No matter the occasion, there’s always a way to “make it work”. So find your favorite summer piece and let’s get to work!

Chillin’ it- Cole Swindell

The most common way to style a crop top is for the causal day outfit. Running errands, a day off work or simply the top’s back, rolling with the music jacked, it’s perfect for just chillin’ it. Just throw on some fun shorts, cute sandals and a hat to shade you from being in the sun all day and you’re set!
IMG_4938 IMG_4922 IMG_4949IMG_4961Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Shorts|J.Crew Factory Sports Bra|Target (similar) Bucket Hat|Urban Outfitters Shoes|Birkenstocks Lipstick|Bobbi Brown in Electric Violet

Felt Good On My Lips- Tim McGraw

Need an outfit for those fellas to get lost in your cherry lipgloss? Layer a fun romper and some funky beads over your crop top. Add some height so, you’re closer to heaven and some shades for a more mysterious look. Slick on your favorite shade of red lipstick and I promise they’ll know how sweet it is.

IMG_5045IMG_5067 IMG_5037 IMG_5095Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Romper|Urban Outfitters Shoes|BC Footwear (similar) Necklaces|Anthropologie (similar) Shades|Karen Walker Lipstick|Kat Von D in Countess

Sideways- Dierks Bentley

Things can get a little crazy sometimes, but use that to your advantage. Get a little sideways and pile on the stripes! It’s a perfect look for a casual night out to the movies. Add a chambray shirt for the chilly night air and some kicks for a more laid back feel. Finish it off with a cute clutch, because you gotta make them wanna come back for more!

IMG_5144 IMG_5160 IMG_5115 IMG_5156Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Striped Shirt|Urban Outfitters (similar) Chambray Shirt|Madewell Skirt|Ann Taylor The LOFT (similar) Clutch|Banana Republic Shoes|Chuck T’s Shades|Ray Ban Lipstick|Kat Von D in Countess

Jump Right In – Zac Brown Band

Let the music pull you in on this one! Summer means relaxing, enjoying awesome music and going to the beach! What could be better?! Dress for the occasion and pair your favorite top with some tropical shorts. Slip on a vintage snapback and your bathing suit and we’ll find you where the music meets the ocean. No shoes required as the southern wind sings again an island lullaby.

img_5198IMG_5206 IMG_5248 IMG_5216Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Shorts and Jacket|Lucky Brand (Similar) Bathing Suit Top|Victoria Secret Hat|Urban Outfitters (similar) Shades|Karen Walker (similar) Lipgloss|Sephora in Shimmery Fresh Peach

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