A is for All Star

A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star A is for All Star

It’s Christmas in Cincinnati! The day has arrived for the All Star game! The city has been flooded with festivities and fans excited to partake in the history of baseball. That goes for myself as well and I couldn’t be more excited to experience the All Star Game tonight! Can you tell? Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today!

A’s go for A-line dresses as well. Since the 70’s trend is huge right now, this A-line cotton dress is a-rounding third and headed for home. This all star is my go-to dress right now for it’s comfort and versatility and will transition effortlessly into the fall and winter. You can dress it up or dress it more casual, like I did for the game. To be festive I went for the baseball glove, leather theme with my accessories and toped it off with some Cincy pride, literally. The length and the stripes add for a fun flare and the styling limits are endless. Don’t be a benchwarmer and go get yours today! Well, maybe tomorrow after the All Star game…

Dress|Altar’d State (in stores now!) Necklace|Altar’d State (coming online soon!) Monogram Necklace|BaubleBar Hat|Article (Cincinnati Shop) Baseball Bracelet|Baseball Lacelets Chain Bracelet|J.Crew (similar) Shades|Ray Ban Shoes|Vans (similar) (again) Socks|Urban Outfitters (similar)

Music Reference: John Fogerty- Centerfield

Contrasting & Transitioning

Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts Compares & Contasts

Everyone needs a clean slate to establish seasonal trends. A time to transition summer pieces into fall pieces.  With long maxi tops on the rise for the fall, why not get a head start? The key to transitioning this trend is the fabric. In the summer, keep it light and airy with some lace, gauze, chiffon or anything transparent. White also allows you to have the perfect blank canvas for styling, while accentuating your summer glow. Make the white pop even more and contrast with some black accessories. I promise you’ll keep coming back to this look like a boomerang.

The Autumn trees dance with the breeze, but you won’t have to worry where you fit in. There’s always something big around the corner. In the fall, you’ll be seeing heavier fabrics and plaids, which are perfect platforms for layering. Rich colors and and exotic prints will help transition this trend into the Autumn weather. There’s nothing worse than being normal. There’s no fun in mundane. Sway to the rhythm of love, because after trying these maxi tops you won’t feel anything less.

Maxi Button Down Tank|H.I.P. at Nordstrom Rack (similar) (long sleeved) Shorts|Levi’s at Urban Outfitters (similar) Tank|Zara (similar) Shoes|TopShop (similar) Shades|Ray Ban Earrings|Custom Italian Jewelry (similarish) Watch|Mom’s Rolex… (similar) Lipstick|Kendall Jenner’s Shade from Estee Lauder in Restless LIMITED EDITION (aka get it while you can)

Music Inspiration- Plain White T’s- Wonders of Younger Album

Festive Fourth Fringe

Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe Festive Fourth Fringe

The place where I was born is getting ready to celebrate the signing of The Declaration of Independence. They signed their names for something they believed, which resulted in gaining our freedom. Saturday will mark the 239th anniversary of our independence from Great Britain. Just thought I’d start off with a history lesson…

Anyways, it’s a bit hard to stand out from the crowd when the day is dedicated to wearing red, white and blue. Why not go out with a bang and make a statement? No we’re not the same, but that’s what makes us strong! Fringe is a huge trend right now and always creates a “wow moment”, as Tim Gunn would say.  The trick is to branch off from the boho-music-festival vibe and to add your own twist. Sport some sneakers and a funky watch to add that intriguing point of view. Nothing feels free quite like fringe!

A great place to shop for fringe and fourth of July gear is Altar’d State! They originated in Knoxville, TN and thrive on heritage and standing out for good. With only 60 stores in the United States, it has become one of the “it” stores for young, creative women. Gotta call it brave to chase that dream across the sea! Feel free and patriotic in Altar’d State this weekend! Have fun with your families and enjoy the fireworks, because this is still the place that we all call home.

Top|Altar’d State Shorts|Altar’d State (similar) Shoes|Chuck T’s Purse|Zara (similar) Shades|Madewell (similar) Bracelet|J.Crew (similar) Watch|G-Shock Earrings|Anthropologie (similar) Sports Bra|Target (similar) Lipstick|Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Clique 

Music Inspiration: Dierks Bentley- Home

Musically Majestic

Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic Musically Magestic

The great thing about concerts is that they are an outlet to a magical world. It allows you to become a different person and it completely submerges you into the music. It forces you to live in the moment, while being able to take part in the making of history. I’m telling you people; rattle as many ghost towns as you can! Before you know it, concerts will merely be holographic productions. With that, I can’t contain my excitement anymore. This girl has tickets to a Walk the Moon concert!

I figured this was the perfect time to mix retro and majesty for a rockin concert outfit. With the band completely keen on nostalgia and maintaining your childhood as you take on adulthood, it only seemed suitable. Nothing combines fantasies and adolescence quite like a uni-corn muscle tank. Layer on the jewelry and pull your hair up for once. Pair it with some cuffed denim shorts and some comfy kicks and you’re ready to shut up and dance!

Muscle Tank|Man Repeller Shorts|Forever 21 (similar) Bralette|Urban Outfitters Shoes|Chuck T’s Necklace|Banana Republic (similar) Rings| Buckle (similar) Shades|Paris Vintage Shop Purse|Local Craft Fair (similar) Lipstick|Kat Von D in Wonderchilde & Urban Decay High Revolution Lip Gloss in Bittersweet 

Music Inspiration: Walk the Moon- Shut up and Dance & Anna Sun

Simple Life

Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky

It’s the small things in life that always make you the happiest. The simpler life is, the more relaxed we all are. It’s always fun to be wild and adventurous, but it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy life sometimes. The problem is finding time for this “simple life”. As the sun shines brightly in the city, it’s the perfect time to whip out your favorite LWD! Where once was pity is no longer existent. The simple element to fill your void.

Nothing says summer quite like a little white dress. Everybody smiles at you as your glowing skin amplifies the white fabric. With the simplest of canvases, it’s the perfect time to show off some statement jewelry. Accenting with some cool blues will leave you refreshed and energized. Go get your butt off that lazy couch and enjoy the day! Mr. Blue Sky’s up there waiting.

Dress|Altar’d State Necklace|Dannijo Shoes|Vince Camuto (similar) Bracelet|Rachel Zoe (in silver) Shades|Miu Miu Purse|Vince Camuto Bralette|Urban Outfitters (similar) Lipstick|MAC in Viva Glam Rihanna 2

Music Inspiration: Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)- Mr. Blue Sky & Casey Abrams- Simple Life

Scholarly Superlatives

Organized Chaos

I figured I’d spice this up and add a new column. A column full of useless knowledge that will somehow be beneficial. A place where lists can be made and random topics can be discussed. Another day of the week to come in clutch. I present to you, Organized Chaos!

As the summer starts and school ends, it’s time to take back what was rightfully ours. How many of you have actually followed through and read books for school? It’s okay, that’s what spark notes are for. It’s more fun to read without being quizzed anyways. Without further a do, the graduates of the world’s greatest summer reading bucket list! (I may be biased)

Most likely to become famous:

Leave Your Mark- Aliza Licht

Most likely to pull off the best senior prank:

Looking for Alaska- John Green

Most likely to be the next bachelorette:

The Selection- Kiera Cass

Most likely to travel the world:

Paper Towns- John Green

Cutest Couple:

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire

Most likely to be a rock star:

If I Stay- Gayle Forman

Most likely to change the most:

Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson

Best Dressed:

#Girlboss- Sophia Amoruso

Rookie of the year:

Throne of Glass- Sarah J. Maas

Forever MVP:

Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling

She’s the Man

Sometimes in life you just need options. I take that back… you always need options. Especially in the summer, when you change your outfit twenty times throughout the day. Everyone has that favorite summer piece that they can’t wait to get out of their closet. Mine just happens to be this “One of the boys” crop top. Since, I only get to wear it in the summer, I thought I’d get some more use out of it. No matter the occasion, there’s always a way to “make it work”. So find your favorite summer piece and let’s get to work!

Chillin’ it- Cole Swindell

The most common way to style a crop top is for the causal day outfit. Running errands, a day off work or simply the top’s back, rolling with the music jacked, it’s perfect for just chillin’ it. Just throw on some fun shorts, cute sandals and a hat to shade you from being in the sun all day and you’re set!
IMG_4938 IMG_4922 IMG_4949IMG_4961Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Shorts|J.Crew Factory Sports Bra|Target (similar) Bucket Hat|Urban Outfitters Shoes|Birkenstocks Lipstick|Bobbi Brown in Electric Violet

Felt Good On My Lips- Tim McGraw

Need an outfit for those fellas to get lost in your cherry lipgloss? Layer a fun romper and some funky beads over your crop top. Add some height so, you’re closer to heaven and some shades for a more mysterious look. Slick on your favorite shade of red lipstick and I promise they’ll know how sweet it is.

IMG_5045IMG_5067 IMG_5037 IMG_5095Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Romper|Urban Outfitters Shoes|BC Footwear (similar) Necklaces|Anthropologie (similar) Shades|Karen Walker Lipstick|Kat Von D in Countess

Sideways- Dierks Bentley

Things can get a little crazy sometimes, but use that to your advantage. Get a little sideways and pile on the stripes! It’s a perfect look for a casual night out to the movies. Add a chambray shirt for the chilly night air and some kicks for a more laid back feel. Finish it off with a cute clutch, because you gotta make them wanna come back for more!

IMG_5144 IMG_5160 IMG_5115 IMG_5156Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Striped Shirt|Urban Outfitters (similar) Chambray Shirt|Madewell Skirt|Ann Taylor The LOFT (similar) Clutch|Banana Republic Shoes|Chuck T’s Shades|Ray Ban Lipstick|Kat Von D in Countess

Jump Right In – Zac Brown Band

Let the music pull you in on this one! Summer means relaxing, enjoying awesome music and going to the beach! What could be better?! Dress for the occasion and pair your favorite top with some tropical shorts. Slip on a vintage snapback and your bathing suit and we’ll find you where the music meets the ocean. No shoes required as the southern wind sings again an island lullaby.

img_5198IMG_5206 IMG_5248 IMG_5216Crop Top|Urban Outfitters Shorts and Jacket|Lucky Brand (Similar) Bathing Suit Top|Victoria Secret Hat|Urban Outfitters (similar) Shades|Karen Walker (similar) Lipgloss|Sephora in Shimmery Fresh Peach